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How Outsourcing IT Services Can Help Your Business PDF Print E-mail
Written by TransRed   
Thursday, 24 January 2013 00:50

Today's business leaders are faced with critically important decisions related to how they will staff and manage their I/T operations in the new world of mobile and cloud based computing. These new technology platforms give business leaders an exciting opportunity to gain financial and operational advantages through outsourcing.

Outsourcing I/T functions to third party providers has become much more prevalent in recent years. Business leaders are under continual pressure to reduce costs and heighten their focus on the businesses core competencies. Eliminating waste and improving productivity has never been more important.

Some key factors related to the decision to outsource include:

Why Outsource?

  • Control and reduce operating costs.
    Outsourcing eliminates employee costs such as training, salaries and benefits. It also frees up capital.
  • Sharpen company focus.
    I/T operations are normally not mission critical business functions. Outsourcing lets companies focus their resources on their core competencies rather than managing complex I/T issues.
  • Access in-depth I/T skills and experience. Reduce Risk
    Businesses have skilled people running their companies. So do 3rd party I/T providers. Companies can leverage the deeper skills and experience of a third-party I/T provider. 3rd party providers are better positioned to advise businesses on the I/T industries best practices. Their expertise can help businesses keep their computer operations current and operating efficiently.
  • Improve scalability.
    Outsourcing is a good alternative to scale an I/T operation to meet new demands.

What Are The Risks?

  • Not all IT functions are easily outsourced.
    From simple to complex, businesses need to be assured that their 3rd party provider has the ability to manage the I/T functions that they are entrusted to perform.
  • Control and security concerns.
    Some argue that a 3rd party vendor can't be as effective as a full time employee. The security of company information and disaster recovery protection is an additional area of concern.
  • Getting "locked in."
    Outsourcing firms often require year-to-year contracts to be signed, which limits flexibility.

What Are The Potential Rewards?

  • Access to current technology.
    3rd party providers are in the best position to advise their clients on how to put their I/T dollars to work.
  • Cost savings and flexibility
    Outsourcing has the potential to eliminate companies cost exposure to in-house employee salaries and benefits, equipment and software investments and the ability to more easily scale to meet business demands.

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