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Written by TransRed   
Wednesday, 27 March 2013 15:47

WebTarantula is the one we can rely on when we need to analyze our web’s statistics and web’s performance. The web analysis service can help us to improve the visibility in search engines. Thus, we can increase our website’s traffic effectively. Today, most people are very dependent on the internet. By connecting to the internet, people can open a big window and see the world. In the business world, a business website has a very important and crucial role. Therefore, by using WebTarantula’s web analyses, we can get all things we need to improve as well as to optimize our website.

In the web analysis services, we can get or choose the categories. First, we can get visitors analysis service. By using this service, we will know the number of visitors who visit our website and we can also know where they come from. The analysis also includes Weekly Traffic Trend, Visitors Trends, and Demographics.

Second, we can also opt for content analysis. Doing content analysis by ourselves can be overwhelming. Thus, relying on the WebTarantula will be the best decision after all. We will know the length of our website’s domain, social media status, Meta Description, Meta Title, and the like. Third, we can also choose the income and worth analysis. What will we get from this service? Basically, we will get estimated price of our website. Fourth, we can also choose keyword analysis and network analysis. By using the services, we can get the percentage and frequency of top keywords on our homepage website.

We can also get services such as SEO rank services, usability services, and change log services. By having the web analysis result, we can improve our web performance significantly. If you have ever thought that site’s optimization is difficult, you should just go to WebTarantula now. Then, let’s see what will happen.