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Top 10 Myths AboutConversion Optimization Campaign PDF Print E-mail
Written by TransRed   
Friday, 29 March 2013 02:38

Conversion optimization; the ever allusive and prized element of an ecommerce campaign every business strives to obtain. There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs, white papers, ebooks, and article published about how to optimize your website for the greatest conversion rate. Out of all of this information overload have emerged some really great ideas, and some ideas that just arenít based on facts. It would seem every web guru has their own theory about conversion optimization so how can you know what works and what doesnít? Here are some common myths about conversion optimization campaigns you can avoid.

Color can make or break your conversions. While the psychology of color is important, it is not as important as some SEO experts would lead you to believe. If it was all ecommerce websites would use the same color scheme.

I can use the same formula as everyone else.
It is good to learn from what has come before, but you must remember your site is unique. It is better to take away the best of what has been done in the past by others and tailor these ideas to your site.

Itís not about money. If youíre in business, any type of business, it is about money. There is nothing wrong with expecting and working for a profit. This is why youíre in business, and if itís not maybe you should get out of business.

I donít need a plan to test my site. If you test just what you feel like testing without a plan, you wonít get the information you need to see if what youíre doing is truly productive.

Surveys are a waste of time. Surveys can be some of the best ways to find out what your audience is thinking, and what they truly want.

My sales pitch should be as short as possible. You donít want a sales pitch that drags on and on. What you need is a sales pitch that contains information your consumers can use, and information to help them make the decision to buy.

One size fits all. Many ecommerce sites forget different types of people have different motivations for buying. For example if youíre trying to sell a weight loss product a one size fits all approach wonít work. Your audience may include overweight teenagers, the heart broken divorcee, or a new mother. All of these groups will want to lose weight for different reasons.

Conversion optimization only has to do with how my website looks and how many high tech features I have.
Conversion optimization has much more to do with SEO than looks. Your pages need to be search engine optimized as well as look good and easy to use.

Conversion optimization is all about manipulating visitors to do what I want them to do. People come to your site for different reasons many times other than to make a purchase. They may want to do research on your products, or share an article they found interesting with friends. Donít gear your entire website to a cart and checkout.

Myths about conversion optimization are all over the internet today. Use these ten common myths to sort through the garbage and learn what really works in ecommerce.

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